Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

2023: Secondus Wrong On Goodluck Jonathan,

By Marlikberry,

I read with disbelief and shock, an article obviously written by the national chairman of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Uche Secondus which carried the byeli￾ne of his media adviser, Ike Abonyi and published on Thursday, Janu￾ary 28, 2021.

I waited for these few days be￾fore responding to the publicati￾on to see whether Secondus would reprimand Ike Abonyi or at least put out a disclaimer, disassocia￾ting himself from the disrespect￾ful write-up.

His failure to do any of the above is therefore a confirmation that the PDP national chairman either wro￾te, supervised or endorsed the pu￾blication.
It is surprising that the national chairman of the PDP could throw decorum to the wind to publicly at￾tack no less a personality than Goo￾dluck Jonathan who apart from being a former president produced by the PDP, is still the leader of the party, going by PDP books.

In the article titled: “Jonathan’s 2023 Selfish Gamble,” Secondus or Ike Abonyi expressed disappoint￾ment that Jonathan has not come out to tell Nigerians and the world that he has no interest in returning to the office as president of Nigeria as well as rebuke those calling on him to contest the 2023 presiden￾tial election.

Although the PDP national chair￾man grudgingly acknowledged that Jonathan has become a global icon and international statesman as well as the huge sacrifices, he made in 2015 when he conceded defeat and handed over power to then Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (Now Presi￾dent and Commander-in-Chief), he wondered why the former president is now romancing with northerners who, he said, ganged up against him in 2015.

Some water may have passed under the bridge for the heavy twist in the tongue which ostensibly is intended to appeal to certain nort￾hern sentiments. Something must have happened for him to be dining
with the same people who ganged up and threw him away, could it be that he is the man who will do their bidding now or they are setting him up for the usual use and dump?” he had questioned.

I am responding to this write￾up as a Nigerian who loves and admires the former president who is also my hero. Knowing Jona￾than, it would not be surprising if he told his media aides not to re￾spond to any of such attacks. But since I don’t work for or with him, I do not bear the burden of waiting to get clearance before responding to anyone that attacked the for￾mer president, as I would continue to do, henceforth.