Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

ALEX EJESIEME: Meet Anambra youngest SAN

By Duke Okosun

It was Edmund Burke, the famous Irish politician who said that the study of law renders man acute, inquisitive, dextrous, prompt in attack, ready in defence, and full of resources. All over the world, the legal profession ranks among the most noble, the most attractive and the most interesting of all professions. It is established on honour, integrity and hard work.

A good lawyer must be studious and most times almost does not have a social life. It is not a profession for the faint of heart. The Nigerian legal profession rewards excellence, hardwork and success in the profession with the prestigious Senior Advocate of Nigeria title. Indeed, it is the zenith of all professional accomplishments and the dream of every Lawyer who loves his job and is diligent at it. Some attain that position at the twilight of their career. That is why it is more of a great news when a young person becomes a learned silk. That is the case of Mr. Alex Ejesieme who was tutored by the legend himself, Dr. Onyechi Ikpeazu.

Alex has proven to be the chip off the old block through the way he handles his briefs. He has done so well that at the time of his elevation, he was the youngest person who has attained that position from Anambra state. This is despite the fact that Anambra boasts of the highest number of Senior Advocates by State in Nigeria. Alex has done so well for himself and has made the State proud.

According to him, “An ideal Lawyer is one who is dedicated to his client, hard-working, resolute and dedicated to his practice, one who takes active steps to keep himself abreast with the ever changing intricacies of the legal profession, to ensure that he is not caught off guard at any given moment. In addition to that, an ideal Lawyer also strives to play an active role in the enthronement of the rule of law where ever he finds himself, whilst also maintaining utmost professionalism and discipline in his interactions with all individuals irrespective of their status as clients or non clients”.

He was recently nominated Anambra Legal Person of the Year and according to the organizers of the award event, “his selection was based on his outstanding exploits in the legal profession which has seen him deliver on landmark cases that will have great impact on our journey as a nation”. In one of his landmark and highly celebrated cases, Alex was able to argue and subsequently convince the Court that once a candidate is nominated by his party, he will be included on INEC’s list until the supreme court rules otherwise. He has through this case enriched the Nigerian electoral system and strengthened it, eliminating frivolous injunctions that are usually resorted to by desperate politicians to scuttle the electoral process.

Alexander is a consummate professional who has the uncommon talent of combining litigation with other top level corporate commercial practice. His attention to details, calmness and ability to simplify and proffer solutions to complex issues coupled with his go-getter attitude and his considerable experience in corporate transactions requiring mastery of Nigerian business, legal and commercial climate have been of immense value to legal development. Alex has continued to contribute to the deepening of the Nigerian legal system with his mastery of laws and his innovative approach to practice.