Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

Contemporary Arts From Ghana


I believe that contemporary African artists are faced with an enormous challenge right now that has exactly to do with the fact that they are ‘African’, existing in a global situation that currently appears to promote artists as worthy of recognition only if they comply with Western convention and parameters.

The task at hand is for their work to be seen as authentically contemporary; ‘of the now’ without the expectations and assumptions of the viewer diminishing the interpretation and therefore the intrinsic value of those artworks.

The work needs to be seen in the light of the particular context under which it was created

Lawgreat Saviour at Taifa a suburb of Accra is an extraordinarily optimistic person whose work could be shrouded in bitterness and brutality considering his chosen subject matter but instead is uplifting and meaningful also for me, the epitome of a thoroughly modern, global Contemporary African Artist.. It is also beautiful, the use of colour dynamic and his drawing skillfully and intricately executed. But the importance of his work lies in the insight of a contemporary African artists approach to painting a narrative piece that has spiritual and aesthetic components.

Below is some of his captivating artworks that speaks volume ….

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