By Marlik

Strike wey want to chop goals like water, I never see before in history of our own west Africa brother and also a dual citizen of Nigerian and France! Our brother is a France international footballer who played in division two club SC SC Moulins les Metz football club France and make i tell una something, because of our brother Jean Francois magic too much for the field inside na Zimbru football club Moldavia division one say make our wonder magic brother mention anything he dey want say our brother wish be them the thing dey go our brother aka jack the money is be hostage by this new club because the club manager say plenty club eyes dey this our brother top .na our brother say he agree to join the club but due to coronavirus he will play his first match for January and is promising fans to stay tune that is going to new year magic for us to watch and feel happy and he also talk say is coming to super eager soon .