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Face of Agulu

I’m Outraged, Demonstrators Who Broke Laws Will Pay – Trump,

By Marlikberry,

President Donald Trump of the United States has finally condemned the attack on the US Capitol by his supporters, saying those who broke the law will pay.

Trump, in an address he posted on Twitter, also announced he was outraged by the violence, lawlessness, and mayhem” witnessed in the country on Wednesday.

Trump’s supporters had invaded the Capitol during a joint session of Congress held to certify the electoral victory of President-elect Joe Biden. Five persons lost their lives in the process, including a policeman, while 14 other police officers were injured.

The police said 68 persons had been arrested in connection with the attack and violence.

Trump, in his address, said he was fully committed to the transition process that would ensure a smooth handing over of power to Biden. Let peace take control people of America..