Intelligence Report: More bombings to scare Jonathan from 2015


THERE are indications that the recent declaration of President Goodluck Jonathan for the 2015 presidential election is likely to cause more bombing, so as to scare him from the race.

Nigerian Tribune can authoritatively reveal from an intelligence report made available to the presidency that the recent upsurge in bombing in the country was to cause destabilisation and unsettle the president.

The source disclosed that the report was one of the reasons that had made the president to delay his declaration until last week Tuesday.

The intelligence report revealed that the bombings were in an effort to label the president as not being capable to rule the country in 2015.

It revealed that the security agencies must be put at alert to forestall the bombings, which the terrorists intended to carry out.

The source said that it was in order to gather materials for the preparation of more improvised explosives devices that the terrorists attacked the Ashaka cement company in Gombe State and carted away large consignments of dynamites.

It was also gathered that all these were attempts to rattle the president, so that he would not be able to carry out his campaign for 2015 elections.

Source: Tribune