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Face of Agulu

Kemi Olunloyo Reveals Names And Photos Of Men Who Begged Her For Sex

Self acclaimed most intelligent woman in Nigeria, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, has dropped a shocker by revealing the photos and names of men who begged her for sex.

Kemi Olunloyo

The self acclaimed international journalist cum doctor has validated her threats of exposing the men who have been hiding under the social media to beg her for sex.

The controversial and ‘non-conforming’ daughter of a former governor of Oyo State, Victor Olunloyo, has made it known that she is not a woman who can be used or played with by some ‘left over husbands’ who use the social media in the wrong way by soliciting for sex from her.

She however did not only mention names. The activist took it a step further by including the photos of the men to drive home her points; a deed she threatened to do before she finally did.  No one took her tweet serious when she tweeted:

”Men who ask me for sex will be dealt lesson in infidelity this weekend. Stop betraying your wedding vows. Nobody wants leftovers.”

She was however taken serious when she took to her page and updated their photos with names.



Before you see the list of the men, here’s what she wrote on her website:

I am about to release all the names of men who have ever solicited me for SEX on social media. Not only do these men have absolutely no class, they leave a paper trail. You never email me such things. I am not a private person nor ashamed or scared.

I simply tell your wife and the world. You are the reason Nigeria is still #2 for HIV/AIDS in Africa. I’m an AIDS and Ebola expert. We have enough STD’s in the world.

Now I got 33 emails on this page from women begging me not to expose their husbands and that they will prefer to deal with it in private, also husbands scared of their political reputation, business contacts, sponsors, name it. 

Each sexaholic will have their pictures displayed with the tweet and what sexual favour they asked for. U must be on my personal private twitter to see it all so make a request. If you disrespect me on my page, u are BLOCKED as a follower. My page is @KemiOlunloyo

Some of  these are young men looking for Sugar mummies. They have a website for that. This is why some in one Igbo community are raping their mothers.

This is a LESSON for all u disease carrying men all over Nigeria. I don’t seek attention. Like I said on Splash FM, attention seeks me. Put your dicks in your pants and you won’t get exposed. You messed with the WRONG WOMAN. I will not be hashtagging on twitter.

DISCLAIMER: If you believe you have been unfairly targeted, pls hire a lawyer and have them contact my Spokesperson at Keminications@yahoo.ca”

See the tweets including the names and photos below:













Guys what is your take on Kemi`s action?


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