Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

Linda Ikeji cries out on difficulty of picking right man

Popular blogger, Linda Ikeji has revealed that she was too choosy with the successful men who came her way.

Linda Ikeji revealed this during an interview on Starr Drive show ahead of the Ghana Bloggers Summit in Accra.

According to her, she never experienced the saying that men avoid rich and successful women because she had many men come her way.

In her words ;

“To be honest, people have this misconception that when you are successful and rich, men avoid you. That’s not my experience. A lot of men come after you when you are successful and rich. strongmen come for you. For me, I was too picky. I like successful people too, I want somebody that can inspire me. So I’m naturally attracted to successful men. So my experience has been a lot of men come after you for different reasons. Some are sincere, some just want your money, some want to use you to crown chase, some see you as an asset, some see you as a bank, and some truly like you. That’s been my experience”