Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

Misunderstanding between Aguleri and Umuleri,

By Marlikberry,

Good evening to everyone following us in our platform i said may this year be a great year that each everyone one of us will use achieve whatever is looking for since he/her was born in Almighty name of God i pray Amen..

My people is all about little misunderstand in Otu-ocha LGA in Anambra State Nigeria today 16th January 2021.. Umuleri and Aguleri have little misunderstanding this morning that result using weapon on each other forgetting they all brothers and sisters,, before the police arrive somebody have already be injured but no information have be expose to avoid wrong news.. my people of Otu-ocha all we need is peace in our land and Governor of Anambra State Chief Mr Willie Obiano we need your immediate action to avoid damage in our land..

Stay tune as more news are about to be dropping very soon..