It touches on the theme of putting your Life problems/worries aways whiles the song plays and ‘Charley’just have fun..
In the song, the singer finds himself in quandary of letting his wories away –

Here comes another brand new one from Adomba Effah Titled “Charley”, the song .
“Charley” is a mid-tempo highlife songs that talks about Happieness over sadness

Obviously, this is an effusion of Afro vibes with trendy vibes- typical of most people in Africa will jam along with.
The song is a perfect blend of Adomba Effahs’s thought-provoking glossy vocal delivery.
This comes after the release of the theme song ‘ Wiase Yehu’ last year.
Adomba Effah is preparing to release the 30 track album this year with tours to regions which each of the songs represent.

DownloadListen to “Charley” by Adomba Effah below: