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Sam Nda-Isiah: He stuttered, But Never a Clutter In His Words,,

By Marlikberry,
The Samuel we read about in the Holy Bible was a transformational figure in the Old Testament. Through him finally came kings to shepherd the nation of Israel after Joshua. The miracle child of Hannah was ordained to administer divine oath on God’s anointed.
Conversely, the Samuel we encountered in Nigeria’s media space in the past two decades was no less imbued with the fierce crusader – if not ecumenical – spirit.
Whether in journalism, which he adopted as profession outside his training in pharmacy, or partisan politics, which he ventured into in the twilight of Goodluck Jonathan’s much troubled administration, Samuel Nda-Isiah was indeed the curator of the “big ideas” to heal society and fix a broken nation.
Is time our leaders do something about what is happening in our country Nigeria.