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Face of Agulu

Boko Haram writes to Chibok leaders warning them that it will visit again soon

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ISLAMIC terrorist group Boko Haram has issued a chilling and audacious warning to the people of Chibok that it will revisit their town again soon to carry out more abductions and unleash violence on them.

 On April 14, Boko Haram visited Chibok and kidnapped 234 pupils from Government Girls Secondary School in the town and has held them ever since. Earlier this month, it then followed up the abduction with another audacious raid in the nearby village of Garkin Fulani, where it kidnapped 20 women, ordering them into their vehicles at gunpoint and driving them off to an unknown location.

 Emboldened by the audacity with which it has been able to operate, Boko Haram has now written to Chibok, warning the town’s leader that it will be returning soon. One Chibok Local Government Area official, said that in the letter, the insurgents warned the town that it would soon be visited with terror.

 He added that the letter had been shown to police authorities who assured them of maximum protection. According to the official, in spite of the   assurances by the police, the people of Chibok were living in great fear of Boko Haram.

 “Everyone in the local government area believes that  the sect cannot be pocketed by security men and the letter has further worsened their fear. Whenever Boko Haram tells you that they are coming, they will never fail to do so.

“Our fear now is that, we don’t know when and how they are going to come but our people are in great fear. We are calling for prayers as well as on government to provide adequate security in Chibok.”

Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau has repeatedly said that the Koranic laws on jihad allows him to abduct women and sell them to his fighters as brides. Women from Chibok and its surrounding areas have been regularly been abducted by Boko Haram and used as sex slaves to satisfy the lust of its fighters and leaders.

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