Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

Teacher builds dam with his OWN money to provide electricity for his entire village


Teacher uses his own savings to build dam that provides electricity to his entire village

The residents of Bolodou, a village in rural Guinea, have been using battery-powered lamps at night for years. But now — thanks to a crazy project started by a math teacher named Ibrahima Tounkara, the 90 homes in this small, isolated village have electricity 24/7
Last year, Tounkara used up all his savings building a micro-hydroelectric dam on a little stream that runs through the area. Currently, his set-up generates 9kW

Tounkara is now a hero in his home village. Just last year– after a year of research and planning– this handyman managed to set up a hydroelectric dam on Gbasso creek, which cuts across Bolodou



To build the dam, he invested 50 million Guinean francs [4,650 euros] from his own pocket. However, this dam now provides a steady stream of electricity to 80 of the 94 homes in the village.
It’s an amazing success for a project that no one dared to believe in at first.2017-09-14-photo-00000041