By Marlikberry,
Following the arrest of Nigerian musicians Omah Lay and Tems, Nigerians have lost their cool.

They have since taken the battle for the freedom of their own to Twitter and Facebook.

The verbal pounce on Ugandans started a few hours after the two singers were sent to Kitalya and Kigo prisons for violating Covid-19 regulations and attempting to spread a disease.

Nigerian musicians Burna Boy, Rudeboy, Tiwa Savage, Peter ‘P Square’ Okoye, Fireboy and REMA among others, kicked off the battle to free their artistes.

Burna Boy took to Twitter, saying, “They should not be treated like this. Uganda Police, they were invited for a show organised by your citizens, granted visas and tickets were sold publicly on the World Wide Web. This anarchy should not be targeted at the artists,”

“Uganda, we no want wahala o! We need our people back home and 100% safe! #FreeOmahLay #Freetems Thank you!,” said Peter Psquare Okoye on Twitter.

This expression of concern has since been backed by several other local Nigerians on social media and fight is getting ugly as insults targeted at Ugandans musicians like Cindy, Sheebah and Bebe Cool coming in.

Well, Ugandans, too, are not ceasing fire. Several have hit back at the Nigerians, citing their poor English and awakening beef that has always been raging on against Nigerian musicians.

Ironically, though, a section of Ugandans have sided with Nigerians and are pushing for the hashtag #freeomahlay #freetems.

In fact, Bebe Cool, despite calling for the boycott of Omah Lay’s concert initially, took to social media and said, “Free Omah Lay.

So much has happened to humanity in the world due to Covid-19 but we need to focus on not hurting each other more than what Covid-19 has done to us all. I called for this concert to be stopped and the authorities did not do so then. Damage has been done but we can avoid more damage. Free the artists and blame the organizers.”

For now, the bitter exchange of words still continues until the two musicians return to court tomorrow (Wednesday, December 16), and so far, the Nigerians look more aggressive.
to me this is not good and some thing should be done immediately Nigerian is our citizen and I believe our government still have power to put a stop to this issue.