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Face of Agulu

WellMed Healthcare Debunks Report of COVID-19 Outbreak at Facility,

By Marlikberry,

The management of WellMed Healthcare Limited, medical diagnostic centre, has refuted a newspaper report that five of its workers tested positive for COVID-19.

WellMaed in a statement said, as one of the facilities accredited for the coronavirus test based on its sterling records, top diagnostic technology, exceptional technical know-how and highly skilled personnel, the report was an attempt to tarnish its image.

The management of WellMed claimed that before COVID-19, it took the welfare of its workers as a topmost priority, adding it is the same consistency that is also extended to the frontline workers and staff at a time the ravaging virus is decimating the human population.

In its statement, WellMed asserted it “has constantly maintained the highest level of hygiene standard to ensure a safe and healthy environment for staff under the standard protocols set by the Health regulatory authorities.

To further ensure the safety of our staff and clients, we have made adequate provision of necessary cleaning and disinfecting tools and equipment for staff and patients such as hand wash, cleaning detergents, alcohol-based disinfectants, face masks, hand sanitizers etc while also providing advanced decontamination equipment like humidifiers, atomizer and nano disinfectant sprayers for daily use.