The Government Of Anambra State, has initiated moves to relocate the Government house, as well as the judiciary and Legislative quarters.

Governor Willie Obiano laid the foundation of the area, called ‘The Three Arms Zone’, on Tuesday atGreenwood Estate, Awka on an expanse of land measuring 830 hectres, saying the project would be completed within one year.

The governor laid the foundation stone for Government House, judiciary, House of Assembly and the Governor’s Lodge.

He noted that the project is sited in a serene environment and directed that no tree should be cut down unless it was absolutely necessary, while also ordering that there should be no bush burning in the area to promote the beautiful terrain, noting that the project would help to open up the area and attract more development projects to that part of the state.

The Commissioner for Housing, Lawrence Chinwuba, said the project was the first of its kind in the state and should be delivered on schedule.

Chinwuba said the project, especially the three arm zone, proper namely the Government House, the Governor’s Lodge, the Banquet Hall and the House of Assembly, would be sponsored by the government but because of the massive nature of the project investors were invited to participate in the greater part of the estate.

Chinwuba said: “It is a public-private sector initiative, so it will involve other investors to be able to drive the system.”