Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

BBNaija: Love Gone Sour As Housemates Struggle To Revive Dead Affairs



In a situation that seems to mimic the theme of this year’s edition of the Big Brother Naija, two housemate couples — Nina and Miracle on the one hand, and Lolu and Anto on the other — are currently having double wahala with their relationships.

The relationships, which started as a result of Big Brother pairing both male and female housemates together at the initial stage of the show to work as strategic partners, have gone sour.

Ever since Nina who has a boyfriend outside the House referred to Miracle as her best friend, things haven’t been the same for both of them.

Miracle wants her to be honest with him because he feels they are more than friends due to their closeness in the House. But Nina has repeatedly said that they are just friends having fun and nothing more.

During a conversation with Tobi and Alex as they attempted to resolve their issues, Nina insisted she’s officially done with Miracle and doesn’t care anymore about him.

An emotional Nina later broke down in tears and appealed to Tobi to help with alcohol to ease herself.

On the other hand is Lolu and Anto. Anto was evicted from the show and voted back in through the twist introduced by Big Brother.

During the time she spent outside, she discovered that Lolu, the person she was in love with, has a relationship which she claimed he never discussed with her.

She also found out that Lolu, during his diary session with Big Brother, has been giving a shout-out to his real world girlfriend, reassuring  her of his love.

A broken Anto came back into the House and had ignored Lolu all through, until Lolu decided to have a talk with her. He apologised and told her he wanted to continue the relationship.

Anto eventually forgave him and decided to give him another chance, on the condition that Lolu would have to earn her trust again.

However, on Tuesday night, the whole relationship went downhill, as Lolu and Anto engaged in heated conversation, during which Anto mentioned to Lolu that he only has 15 per cent of her trust. A disappointed Lolu seemed displeased with Anto’s remark as he walked away.

Lolu met with Tobi for advice concerning the issue with Anto, and Tobi advised he ignores her, that he has tried to show her love since her arrival, and since she is not reciprocating, he should let her go.

Tobi assured him that he would meet far better girls in the real world. Punch