Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu


Former Ghana Football Association (GFA), President, Kwesi
Nyantakyi has broken his silence for the first time after the
controversial corruption scandal in the Ghana Football that led to
his resignation and ban from football.
Speaking on Accra-based Net 2 TV as monitored by
GhanaNewsPage.Com , the embattled former GFA boss said
“Tiger Eye”, the organisation behind the investigations, was a
criminal organisation that is involved in “wanton breakages of the
law” .
He claimed that the private investigation firm does not have a
license to operate, adding that “Tiger Eye’s activities are akin to
the terrorist group, ISIS”.

Mr Nyantakyi has not spoken to anyone since the exposé broke
to subsequently result in his ban from FIFA.
Below is the complete conversation between Mr Kwesi
Nyantakyi and the host of the show:
Host: Good morning Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi. Happy New Year and
welcome to our show.
Nyantakyi: Many Happy returns.
Host: We were speaking to Hon Kennedy Agyapong and how
investigative journalist, Anas, conducts his investigations. We
said so many things and with your case, the money we were told
you took as a bribe. We want to know all that and how you
worked with them [Tiger Eye PI] and even the module they used
to get you.
Nyantakyi: When the matter came up, I released a press
statement and so what I’m about to say will only add up to the
statement and more details. The whole issue was a contrite
scheme just to put me in trouble, disgrace me or set me up. The
late Ahmed met one Abudulai Alhassan, the chairman of the
Northern Regional Football Association and lied to him that he
works with a Sheihk in Dubai. He said he had
completed [University of Ghana,] Legon and has worked in Dubai
with the Sheikh who has a lot of money and wants to invest in
Ghana football by sponsoring the Ghana Premier League. We met
with Ahmed for like 7 to 8 times at Adjringanor.
So he told me one day that the Sheikh wanted to meet me and
he promised to get me tickets but failed and later told me to pay
for my own ticket after which they would refund. So the money I
used for the tickets are my own money and not GFA’s. I met
Ahmed on my first trip to Dubai where he told me so many lies
including the lie that the so-called Sheihkwas indisposed so we
postponed the meeting.
Before that, Ahmed met me and one African leader at Golden
Tulip. That man travelled all the way from his country to meet
with him.
Host: Mr Nyantakyi, please we have all seen the videos of that
documentary, so can you mention the name of that African
leader for all of us to know him, was he Oppong Weah?
Mr Nyantakyi: I didn’t want to mention the person’s name
because he is a president. So Ahmed promised to help that
leader win elections so he promised to invite him to Dubai. When
the day arrived, we called Ahmed and his mobile phone was off
so the leader insisted that he would travel to Dubai. They stayed
there for 5 days in a hotel in Dubai but Ahmed and his Sheikh
never showed up till they left, feeling disappointed.
Later when I met the so-called Sheihk in a hotel in Dubai Ahmed
told me the hotel was owned by him [Sheihk] but he was never a
Sheik. In that hotel, secret cameras were planted in the room
where I was with Ahmed while Anas and his team were in
another room directing Ahmed on what to say and the questions
to ask.
In the Republic of Emirates, it is criminal to record someone
without their permission and I must say that we have reported
Anas in Dubai and so in the near future, he (Anas) will provide
answers to why he would be recording people in Dubai without
their permission. He can do those things in Ghana and not in
The hotel room I occupied was full of secret cameras and I got
to know all these things after the expose. I don’t know why you
should set someone up and negotiate with them with baits and
trap them. Anas is working because of money because he keeps
blackmailing people just for money; what he is doing is actually
Host: Kwesi Nyantakyi, were you actually asked for some amount
by Anas or Tiger Eye PI in order to drop the story?
Nyantakyi: Oh yes, they asked a lawyer who teaches at Legon to
contact me. Through him, they asked me to pay 150,000 US
Dollars but I said I didn’t have the money and that’s why all these
came about. They were even demanding 400,000 US dollars
because the project he did about me was a sponsored project.
Some others who were victims of the project at GFA paid 400,000
US dollars for Anas to drop their videos.
The money he gave me at Dubai, he claimed was 65,000 US
dollars but he has to prove that because I received 40,000 US
Dollars and that was also captured in the video so he should
prove that he gave me more than that.
Host: So being the victim of Anas and his group’s style of work,
did you see the Ahmed with your eye?
Nyantakyi : I met Ahmed several times; he even came to my
house once. He was always dressed in different colours of
jalabia [a Moslem attire] throughout my encounters with him.
When he comes, he is so jittery the moment he receives a call.
He receives about 10 to 20 calls anytime he is with me but it
never occurred to me he was involved in such acts.
Host: So you saw him [Ahmed] several times?

Nyantakyi: Not once, the first time I met him was at
Cocoa Vanila in Accra here and we met subsequently about 10
times. On one occasion, Abu brought him to my house and I met
him twice in Dubai.
Host: So did you meet with Anas too?
Nyantakyi: No no, the kind of work Anas does, he behaves like
[Jihadi group] ISIS; you don’t meet him. I met only Ahmed. I
never met Anas or any other person from his outfit and then at
the end of their so-called investigations, Anas and Tiger Eye
claim responsibility for the outcome.
“Tiger Eye is a criminal organisation who is on wanton breakages
of the law. They don’t have a license to do what they’re doing.
Just bouncing on people’s rights, recording them here and there
without giving them opportunities to save themselves. You are
already condemned before you are even heard.