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CID helped me to escaped from cells – Takoradi kidnapper confesses

Residents of Tarkoradi are still in search of their missing girls
who were kidnapped by some unknown people believed to be
Nigerians for some months now. Even though one of the
suspected kidnappers was arrested, he managed to escape
police custody but was apprehended by the police upon tip-off
some few days later.
After the news of his escape from police custody became known
to the public, questions were asked as to how he managed to
escape especially when there was police personnel on duty on
the night he escaped.
But news coming from the oil city has it that the suspect has
confessed to the Takoradi District court that he got help from a
police CID that was why he was able to escape.


Priscilla Blessing Bentum, Ruth Love Quayson, and Priscilla
According to the accused known as Sam Udoetuk Wills aside
from his two friends, an officer of the Criminal Investigations
Department (CID) also helped him to escape from police
He, however, told the court that he would be able to identify the
CID officer who aided his escape if he is presented in a parade.
He told the court on Monday that his friends whose names he
gave as Kwesi and John also aided his escape.
The Presiding Judge, Michael Kudjo Ampadu did not object to
the prosecutor’s argument that it will be difficult to identify the
said CID officer, but rather adjourned the case to 18th February
2019 to allow suspect Wills to bring his witness, Kwesi who is
currently on the run.
Suspect Wills beside being investigated for the three kidnapped
girls is facing three counts of charges including escape from
lawful custody, destroying public property and resisting rearrest.
But Nana Adwoa Quayson, sister of one of the victims, Rita
Quayson is unhappy with the judge for not calling for a parade of
the CID officers to enable the suspect to identify the person who
aided his escape from lawful custody.
According to her, because the suspect confessed that he could
identify the said CID officer, it was imperative on the judge to
make an order in that regard instead of directing the suspect to
produce his witness.
Wills escaped from lawful custody at the Takoradi Central Police
Command on December 30, 2018, after he was arrested for
allegedly kidnapping some girls.
He was later re-arrested in Nkroful near Takoradi.