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Face of Agulu

Coronavirus: With 27 deaths on Friday, Nigeria records highest daily tally yet,

By Marlikberry,

Nigeria saw its deadliest day of the coronavirus yet on Friday even as authorities fear the country has yet to reach the peak of the second wave, as infections continue to spread rapidly across the country.

Nigeria recorded its highest daily tally of 27 deaths on Friday which toppled the previous record of 23 deaths reported on January 15.

The latest figure, which indicated a significant increase from the three deaths recorded in the previous 24 hours, raised Nigeria’s fatality toll to 1,577 in total.

Also on Friday, Nigeria reported 1,114 new cases, according to the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

The total coronavirus infections recorded in Nigeria is now 128,674.

With the recent surge in coronavirus cases leading to fatalities, Nigeria has seen a consistent spike in deaths from the disease.

Last week, Nigeria reported 82 deaths, which represents a 14 per cent increase from the previous week’s record.

In the past four weeks, there have been over 230 fatalities. My people coronavirus is real please and abeg everyone to take very good care of he/her self well bikonu umunnem.