Dangote’s in-law Jamil Abubakar allegedly has a baby mama

Dangote’s son-in-law Jamil Abubakar has been called out by his alleged baby mama just weeks after his flashy wedding to the millionaire’s daughter




Just about three months after Jamil Abubakar’s wedding to Fatima Dangote, he has been called out by a lady who claims she gave birth to his baby.

Irene Chiamaka Nwachukwu, aka Goddess_Irene on Instagram, revealed details of their alleged affair on Thursday, a development that has sent the social media buzzing.

The 22-year-old Irene said Jamil never mentioned to her that he was involved with someone else when they got intimated.

She said she only found out he was getting married to Dangote’s daughter after she was already pregnant with his baby.

According to her, she was 8 months pregnant when the highly-publicised wedding of Jamil Abubakar and Fatima Dangote was held.

She alleged that Jamil offered to pay her N40,000 every month to take care of the baby or to accept a N5million payoff and relocate with the baby.

The lady said she has engaged a lawyer to represent her, insisting that Jamil must own up to his responsibility.

She shared on Instagram saying

I fear for my safety and that of my baby because this whole situation is becoming too messy and overwhelming,” she wrote.

She added: “Let it be known to the general public that should anything bad happen to me or the baby, this man is responsible!!!”.

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