International Award winning reggae artiste Justin Kingland, also known as Dr. Money is embarking on a Global tour which is aimed at helping to build Africa and advocating of ‘self-liberalization, which is being real/True to oneself through his indigenous African music.

This international on the run tour is a joint tour which is facilitated by Kojo Lion Hero Network and 4Real Records (Record label owned by Justin Kingland), the Musicians that will be headlining the tour are;

• Dr. Money Nigeria,
• Kojo Lion Ghana,
• MC Yallah Uganda,
• Winnie Lado Sudan,
• Jah City Uganda,
• Taridie Budie Spice,
• Oleg Saleg Sweden,
• Rita Black Omolo Holland,
• Binti Africa Kenya,
• Yatty Lioness Kenya.

The Tour kicks off on 31st December in Uganda. Team 1withGod will be in Africa, some parts of Asia and Europe as well.

Dr. Money and his comrades will play in 7 clubs in Uganda; dubbed ‘One54 Kampala Uganda’.

In February 2017 the team will head to Israel and contineuo to project mother Africa to the Jews through their distinctive music ,then sail back to West Africa, Ghana in March during the time the nation will be celebrating her independence day anniversary.

After independence in Ghana, Team1withGod moves to Sweden in April to continue blazing their musical trails and then finally in May, June wrap it up in Florida, U.S.A.

Music lovers in the mentioned countries should eagerly look forward to the African Hero Project Tour as these great African Artistes will do nothing but to rock their world with the original classifiable African music!

ForMore info about this tour write to :1withgod2100@gmail.com
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