Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

E.X.P.O.S.E.D.!!! Nigerian Kidnapped Schoolgirl Caught Texting on Cell Phone

A ‘kidnapping victim’ can be seen sending a text:
A ‘kidnapping victim’ can be seen sending a text:

The security at the Boko Haram compound, if there even is such a compound, is apparently exceedingly poor. During the phony prayer session the untenable is seen. A ‘kidnapping victim’ can be seen sending a text:

UPDATED: Nigerian Kidnapped Schoolgirl Caught Texting on Cell Phone

She can be seen holding up her cell phone, while concentrating on it intently, right screen. She is either texting or reading a text. Or, perhaps, she is taking a “selfie.” Or, he could be reading her messages.


What is she doing in such a high security compound, so high in security and so well hidden that even the Israeli special forces can’t find them, texting or calling? She could easily call President Obama and give him an update. She could send a text to Michelle Obama and let her know their whereabouts. What about the local emergency line or, perhaps, the police? Moreover, what about her parents? Surely, she knows their number.

It is realized that she is intently fixed on that I-phone or whatever it is called. Her eyes are cast downward, focused on the screen. Yet, couldn’t she do something more constructive considering the nature of the circumstances? Couldn’t she call or text her granny, aunt, uncle, friends, neighbors, or anyone else in case her parents are indisposed?

Regardless, the capacity to use a cell phone in the midst of a kidnapping alone proves it a fraud, let alone the fact that she has one in her possession.

Who can, now, believe this is real?

Hold on; this is not being fare. They were in devout worship before this, reciting for them a brand new prayer, the Islaamic version of the Lord’s Prayer. They were taught this in captivity (sarcasm).


What about this fraudster? She’s worshipping underneath her gown. She clearly appears to be an actor rather than an actual Muslim, convert or otherwise.


None of these women, upon close inspection, appear as if they are conducting devout worship. What this demonstrates, though, is the ones in the back are not as careful in their fakery.


These are not worshipping Muslim women. Nor are the, clearly, kidnapping victims. These women in the back are looking in every conceivable direction but not down in reverent prayer. Plus, incredibly, the woman, far left screen, appears to be hiding something, either a smirk or a smile. Two of these women (not girls) are looking directly towards the camera.

However, wait a minute, despite all the proof otherwise it must be real. They must be truly oppressed women. Arch-fraudster and New World Order mole, Zionist Jew Malala Yousafzai has lent her support, endorsing the phony cause. When she opens her mouth speaks the likes of a ‘prophet,’ the Zionist media claims.


Could there be any creature on the earth more hideous -more vile – than this murderous Zionist mole? Her very existence represents nothing other than treachery.

This is a hoax. These are not religious people. They are actors playing a role for paltry gains.

Moreover, it’s a minefield out there. Surely, in the videos and photographs additional anomalies – additional evidence of fraud – will be revealed. The key issue, though, is the lack of panic,, pandemonium, and despair. There is no adrenalin running in this crowd, and there surely is no shock. By the way where are the Boko Haram guards? Is it possible that the entity doesn’t even exist?