Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

Ebelebe by Dr. Money Dibiaego one na Anambra,


By Marlikberry,

Hello ladies and gentle men, is all about DIBIAEGO Dr Money King of dancehall with new year Igbotic message to the world.

Is call 2021 Inspirational Tune from the music maker himself… Doctor of Music ? so fresh and raw www.4realrecords.com

Stay tune my people as we are coming to remember you those of our forgettable favorite gone souls legend musicians of our fore fathers time online as you follow us on 4realTV online, Eyefm 97.5 on facebook page ,JKl TV to show you all the songs you need listening by Dr money and rest musicians..Igboamaka Umunne. we are prepared for 2021 umunne ndi Igbo