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How to plan a cheap Ghanaian wedding







Copper rings or gold dust rings are very cheap. No one will notice that you’re wearing cheap rings. After a year or two, you can buy 4 karat rings if you work hard towards itNigerian-Wedding-Illustrations-MJ2016-Morayo-and-Jide-Lean-Kid-LoveweddingsNG-feat-1
Weddings are expensive these days. But frankly speaking, it is a matter of choice to spend big or not for the big day.
Some people may see this as funny, but try and your life will be devoid of debts after you say your ‘I dos’.
Follow these simple steps to have a cheap and nice wedding. Or you could just ignore and blow the money. If you have, why not?
Wedding planner
The groom’s mother should be the wedding planner. This prevents the bride from making ‘unnecessary demands’ and extravagant things. Every bride wants her in-laws to like her.
Couple’s outfit
Luckily for some brides, their mothers or mothers-in-law keep their wedding gowns. Take it to your local designer to make it classy and trendy.
Don’t worry if you don’t inherit wedding gowns for your mother, check online for the wedding gown of your choice and sign a MoU with your seamstress. She sows the gown for you and you pay in installments. The seamstress already knows you, she’ll understand.
The families of the couple should partake in the food preparation. No buffet, you can choose between jollof rice with chicken or fufu and goat light soup.
Both families will share the cost of the ingredients for the female to prepare the food.
Who said you can’t share locally made drinks at your wedding? Prepare sobolo, asana or pineapple smoothies for your wedding guest. It’s cheaper.
There can’t be a wedding without a cake. Talk to a favourite baker to give you free cakes lessons with your friends as a favour for buying her food all these years.
Equally, make an announcement in your church to seek guidance with members with baking skills before the wedding.
Get your baking lesson and make your own cake for the big day. Yummy!
If your church has a big compound, you can pop the champagne and have fun with your guests after the marital vows in the church compound. You share the takeaway at the entrance of the auditorium after church. You can also ask your parents to plead with your neighbor who has a big house to host your guests. Problem solved.
Whether its pre-wedding photos, videos of you and your brides kissing in church or when you are stealing glances at the reception, count on your friends to take photos with their smartphones. iPhones and these Samsungs have a great camera, use them.
Are you saying your friends don’t have these phones?
Invitation cards
In this era of social media, why spend money on hard copy invitation cards? Get your friends to take photos and videos with their smartphones, edit with photoshop and share on the various messaging apps. Fast reach and wider coverage within a blink of an eye so they can save the date.
If you’re reading this, you can now understand why your parents wanted you to hang out with serious minded people, who will add value to your life. Let your friends with cars be your personal chauffeur for the day.
Bridesmaids and groomsmen’s’ outfits
True and loyal friends must support their friends on the biggest day of their lives. Be honest and tell your friends they can be part of the wedding only if they pay for their outfits, shoes and makeup and hairstyles. Yeah, we went there.
Wedding rings
Copper rings or gold dust rings are very cheap. No one will notice that you’re wearing cheap rings. After a year or two, you can buy 4 karat rings if you work hard towards it.
If your parents have a house in your hometown, pack your packs and buy your tickets. Use your honeymoon to learn about the rich culture and traditions of your people.
Introduce your bride to your other family members who couldn’t attend the wedding. There are interesting things to do once you settle.
Alternatively, you can have your honeymoon in the comfort of your new home. Buy all the groceries you need and lock yourself up for three days. Share intimate moments together, have plenty of sex in every corner of the house, do house chores and bond before babies start coming.
Wedding guests
The wedding should be strictly by invitation and the guests should be ready to give a starter to the couple in case of a donation session. *wink wink*
There will be a donation session.