Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

I am shocked at the news that a Boko Haram kingpin is among the 460. Jenny Chika

Jenny Chika Okafor responding to Face Of Agulu-Anambra State`s Question to the South East Governors {what will be the fate of the South East people?  We are asking the SE Governors…


Thanks for tagging me into that message regarding what our fate as South Easterners may be. I am shocked at the news that a Boko Haram kingpin is among the 460.

I was quite concerned about the catch because I felt that the men have been profiled because of their tribe and religion. That will be quite dangerous because it will give people the impetus to begin to arrest or attack people of every tribe and region whenever they are seen together and that portends serious danger for all of us.
Now your question to Eastern Governors is more than apt. Accordingly, we must pull them up and make demands ASAP. Boko Haram has become so mercilessly deadly and audacious because GEJ ignored them when they began. As a result they have grown stronger wings and become the bane of Nigeria’s security, peace and Unity.

To avoid making them to get the impression that their menace is granted, our leaders must to act now and ensure that they get the message that Igbo land and other parts of Nigeria are out of bounds. Therefore any attempt to provoke any other state will be met with the most decisive ferocious response. I think that we should consider issuing a national alert and asking GEJ and our governors to respond to this development in the most desirable manner.

If we need to ask Ndi Igbo, Ndi Yoruba, Ijaw and Innocent Northerners who are as much at risk as all of us to issue similar alerts, then we need to do just that. My heart bleeds for the ordinary Northerner who has no idea what is going on but remain at risk of being profiled.I am a human rights advocate and therefore respect everybody’s right to sanctity of life, fair trial and justice. Therefore much as many of us may feel that “Ndi Hausa” are all bad and deadly, I have a duty to humanity and cannot join in the persecution of any section of our country be they Muslims, Christians, Ndi Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba.

At the same time I have a duty to act justly and fairly towards everyone and tell the truth and this includes telling Boko Haram and their sponsors that their behaviour is unacceptable. There is no need for tribal or religious sentiments because all men are equal. I am a little busy today but will look at this again later and see what we can do about it.

Can you imagine these people bombing Main Market, Ochanja, Nnewi, Alaba, Balogun etc or any of our cathedrals and Ndi Igbo and Yoruba bombing mosques? I pray that this never crosses anyone’s mind and that these people are dealt with as soon as possible.
Thanks for raising the alert.