“If Zuma gets immunity, we will take Ramaphosa to court” – Julius Malema

Image Credits: (SABC Radio)

Image Credits: (SABC Radio)
Image Credits: (SABC Radio)

The future of Jacob Zuma is very much up in the air right now. He remains the President of South Africa, but no longer rules the roost in the ANC. So no wonder the subject of ‘immunity’ is being talked about.

As Cyril Ramaphosa tries to put his stamp on party leadership – whilst his predecessor remains Head of State – there is already a perfect recipe for a power struggle in the works. Cyril’s authority will remain undermined until he assumes direct leadership.

Rumours of Jacob Zuma leaving his role as President have begun to surface. There is a growing belief he will be forced out, to allow Mr Ramaphosa the maximum amount of time to salvage the ANC’s damaged reputation ahead of the 2019 elections.

Will Jacob Zuma be granted immunity?
However, as Julius Malema is now saying, any deal to step down before his term ends would see Jacob Zuma seeking immunity from criminal charges. That doesn’t exactly sound like the actions of an innocent man, does it?

In a lively interview with Energy FM this morning, Malema discussed everything from the future of the ANC to land reform policies. As ever, Juju was in fine form, and issued a stern warning for the party’s new President:

Julius Malema warns Cyril Ramaphosa
“I’ve lead the charge against Zuma, and lead the calls for his resignation. We’ve mobilised ANC MPs to vote against their own president. Our work against Jacob Zuma even influenced the 54th ANC Conference. Had he not been exposed, the ANC would have elected Dlamini-Zuma. She would have allowed the Guptas to carry on.”

“The ANC won’t keep Zuma in a job for very long. Serious discussions are happening. He’s seeking immunity for himself, plus his sons Duduzane and Edward. There’s no law in SA that allows such nonsense. If Cyril gives him immunity, we’ll take them to court. They’ll declare it illegal, and he will be charged.”

Julius Malema has very much positioned himself as the scourge of the ANC. Far from just being anti-Zuma, The EFF leader declared the ANC as being a ‘sick party’ that has no chance of recovery. He really isn’t buying into their ‘new year, new us’ narrative.

Source:  (SABC Radio)