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I’ll remove Akufo Addo’s gov’t spiritually and it’ll happen physically – Prophet Badu Kobi

Pastor of the Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet
Emmanuel Badu Kobi, has served notice he will overthrow the
Akufo Addo government spiritually and it will manifest physically
if it continues to destroy businesses.
According to him, only those close to the government are
benefitting from the resources of the state while the majority of
Ghanaians wallow in poverty.
Speaking to his congregation at a Sunday service, Prophet Kobi
said: “In Ghana, some things are happening and I’m the best
person to tell them they are wrong and I use this medium to
speak to the leader of the nation, Nana Akufo-Addo, who is the
president, that from today if they don’t understand governance
they must go and learn.
“They are destroying people’s businesses since they came into
power by reason of political partisanship; and in my day, you
don’t spoil anybody’s business. If they came for the nation to be
better, as they said, then they must change because most
businesses are on their knees because of their parochial,
political partisan mind; and in my day, I say no to them.
“Why is it that only a few and [they] are enjoying while other
businesses, they are finding all means to crush it including
NAM1’s. They are wrong because people like NAM1, they should
have brought his business under scrutiny, helped him review a
few things and let him be moving on because it is a business
and they have done it to most businesses and I put it to them,
they must stop that thing because Ghana is not for them, it’s not
a monarchy, it’s a presidential system.
“Four years will come and you are gone, the highest is eight
years, so, my friend and brother Ken Ofori-Atta, remember some
few years ago, NDC wanted to bring your business down and
some of us stood for you, now, you have come to power and
you are trying to bring other people’s businesses down.
“I warn you to stop that and from today, I want to tell them
something. If their agenda is to bring others down for them to
go up, God will bring them down. The nation is not for the
Akufo-Addos and Ofori-Attas, it’s for Ghanaians and they have
been given a vote mandate, not kingdom mandate and they must
do it to please the citizenry and not themselves.
“They are buying the cars and Ghanaians are in poverty and I put
it to them, they must stop, otherwise, some of us will remove
them spiritually and it will happen in the physical. And when
people attack people, what is the Commission of Inquiry?
Somebody said I sent them, why won’t you call the person to
order? Why don’t you give the person out to the law?
“I put it to you Nana Akufo-Addo, you better change your ways,
Ghana is not for you. The Constitution, this bogus Constitution,
people must be empanelled to change it and I want to tell you
Ghana is not for you, Ghana is for the Church and I’m the voice
who will not sit down to watch you do what you want to do. I
will always direct your steps, if you don’t want it, then we will
show you that Ghana is for the Church.
“So, particularly people’s businesses you are bringing down,
stop it now. Because of you, now most businesses are on the
ground. Wrong laws, wrong actions. Ken [Ofori-Atta] my brother,
I speak to you for the last time, stop that thing, don’t forget your
business was about to be attacked by the NDC in 2008 and
some of us, we used our lives to pray and now you are doing
what they were doing against you, you better stop.
“I’m coming back again if you don’t change your ways. I’m not
going to be a man of God in a land who will pamper you, even
when you are doing wrong, I will say you are doing good, I’m
not one of them, so, you better change, I’m coming back again.”