Information reaching us indicates that the man
who was resurrected by South African Pastor, Alph
Lukau, has been arrested by the police.
According to a former employer of the man who
was said to be known as Elliot, he has been arrested
for interrogation on his alleged resurrection.

One South African made the revelation in his tweet
that Elliot who is also known as Brighton has been
arrest was confirmed by his former employer.
Elliot’s former employer disclosed that Elliot used to
work with him in a wood processing company in
He said Elliot had quit the job few months before
the video of his resurrection by Pastor Lukau went
According to Vincent, the former employer, Elliot
was arrested in the early hours of Tuesday,
February 26, 2019.

Vincent noted that after he inquired about Elliot’s
whereabouts from his close friend and former co-
worker, the gentleman revealed that Elliot was
Vincent also confirmed that before Elliot stopped
working with him few months ago, he was healthy
so he wondered when he passed on leading to the
supposed resurrection.
Elliot’s arrest follows a video that went viral
involving South African pastor, Alph Lukau who
supposedly resurrected him in church.
Elliot who was said to have died and was dressed
for burial, woke up to the amazement of many after
Pastor Alph Lukau prayed for him.
The incident which was recorded went viral with
many social media users claiming that the
resurrection was staged.
Out of the resurrection brouhaha which got people
to slam Pastor Alph Lukau, a challenge has been
Called the ‘resurrection challenge’ , a lot of people
have taken to social media to mimic Pastor Alph
Lukau and Elliot.
Meanwhile, Pastor Alph Lukau is reported to have
been exposed and sued by the funeral home that
hired their car for the pastor.