If I see a Nigerian man or woman, be it Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Bini or what have you, I will almost easily recognise them. We tend to have some unique facial and body build. If I see men and women from Central Africa, East Africa and Southern Africa, their look is a give-away any day, any time. If I see a Ghanaian or Beninese or Togolese or Congolese or Malian, their dressing and unique body build and facial looks will almost easily give them away.

This is a picture of Malians! See the Jersey on this girl, second left at the back (common sense). See the link titled ; Women are bent on revenge against Tuareg rebels in Mali (learn to research)

This picture isnt Nigerian and people should stop passing it as ‘Borno women up in arms to protect themselves’

The same guy, Ayo Akinfe, that posted a certain picture of French soldiers arresting a certain man in Central African Republic (CAR) and blatantly lied that “The US Marines have made their first arrest in Nigeria” is the same person now posting this picture and yet my people still can not decipher. Well I am not surprised because, ifVanguard News of all newspapers can splash that CAR picture on their front page without verifying after lifting the article from , Nigerian Watch, a site notorious for spreading falsified and fabricated News, then anything goes. I fear for the citizens because they are being seriously misinformed daily by not only the established media but also by some ‘agbero or amugbo’ journalists who types and posts online with ganja and paraga beside them…

Nigeria ro nu. Some people are trying to use the media, Social, print and electronic to scatter your head.