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My Parents were Never in Support of My Decision to become a Musician Legendary Kojo Antwi Reveals


Ghana, it was common for parents to be super strict on their
kids and dump their own wishes on them.
In those days, your parents could choose everything for you,
from your profession down to even who you get married to.
Some people follow their parents meekly whilst others follow
their dreams and make their own destiny, and one of the latter is
legendary Ghanaian musician Kojo Antwi.
Antwi has revealed that growing up, his father did not like the
idea of him trying to become a musician and did all he could to
dissuade him from becoming one.
According to the living legend, he had to sneak around with
friends to follow his dream due to his father’s strict disapproval.
Speaking on Adom Fm’s ‘Work and Happiness’, he admitted that
his father “looked down on music,” and “…had a different thing
[profession] for me. They [his parents] didn’t think joining the
music band was right.” he said.
“I tried convincing my dad to look at Nana Ampadu’s cars but
he wasn’t so I was hiding and doing it. We were like four friends
and we tried sneaking our ways into lot of live band shows,” he
Imagine that an old man’s stubbornness could have denied
Africa and the world of the talent of Mr Music Man. Parents
have to know they don’t always know best.