Nigerian govt to reintroduce toll gates; GIGL launches plan to help e-commerce merchants boost revenue,

By Marlikberry,

Hello, and welcome to Business Roundup this week. Here, we bring you highlights of events that happened during the week -from the capital market to the mainstream business activities, while not forgetting the tech/economy build up.

Here are the Headlines:

Court orders Shell to pay farmers compensation for oil spills
Nigerians consumed 40.8m litres of petrol daily in October 2020
GIGL launches new plan to help e-commerce merchants boost revenue
Nigerian govt to reintroduce toll gates, as 12 highways set for concession


A Dutch court on Friday ordered oil giant Shell to pay compensation in a case brought by four Nigerian farmers who alleged widespread pollution in their villages Goi, Oruma, and Ikot Ada Udo.

Goi and Oruma are located in Rivers State while Ikot Ada Udo is located in Akwa Ibom State all within the Niger Delta Region. The court also ordered Shell to install new pipeline equipment to prevent further devastating spills in the Niger Delta region.