Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

Nigerian Students Receive Full Scholarship To Northeastern

125 Nigerian students landed at Logan airport this week. It’s interesting to note that a few media outlets were reporting this as a reflection of the global campaign “Bring Home Our Girls”. The students, sponsored by the Nigerian government in a joint effort with the U.S. government Pathways program, will complete a bridge summer program and attend Northeastern University, a private institution in Boston.

A few media outlets listed these children as deprived students from rural areas in Nigeria and are incoming as 2nd yr students/sophomores at N.U. However, the video clip below is reporting that the students will be attending for four yrs and will be split between Northeastern and other universities in the US.

According to the President Goodluck’s Special Adviser, Hon. Kingsley Kuku, says that here is a president that believes in the education of young boys and girls.

We wonder if this pilot program with the Nigerian government was already in effect before the 276 girls were abducted. The 125 scholarship recipients students traveled in two groups from Nigeria to America. What criteria was used for selection of need-based? Were there any submission announcements and/or application deadlines in order to secure select 125 students and secure exam results and student visas, including chaperons in such a sort period of time? In theory we assuming waivers can be made at the call of the government…since normally the deadline at the institution for international students is May 1st for Fall school year.