Nkea bu alu kwo nwa: Man fathers three children with biological daughter during their 16 year relationship


A girl was searching for her biological father, and when she finally met him the two began a sexual relationship.

The Leeds Crown Court in the United Kingdom, heard that the father impregnated his daughter three times during their 16-year relationship.

The 57-year-old father of Huddersfield, West Yorks, was sentenced to nearly four years in prison for incest.

The court heard that in 2005, officers learned of the sexual relationship between the father and daughter, but did nothing to stop him.

The father was just given a warning, even though his ​​daughter had already given birth to one child and was pregnant with another.

Prosecutor Patrick Palmer said that the girl believed another man was her father until she was a teenager.

She began searching for her real father, who she had not seen since she was a young child. When she met her biological father, the teenager went to live with him.

She later told police that she was 14 years old when her father first kissed her and touched her in a sexual manner.

The couple started having sex regularly and their first child was born in 2002. Her last child was born in 2010.

The woman finally went to police and told them about her relationship with her father after he became controlling and jealous.

The father pleaded guilty to incest, indecent assault and gross indecency, and was sentenced to nearly 4 year in prison.