Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

No food for a lazy WOMAN (By Chinenye Ufearoh) Inspirational

Chinenye Ufearoh
Chinenye Ufearoh


My Story By Chinenye Ufearoh

I remember when I use to sell pants and bra (lingerie) in my car. From Ajah to Lekki to ikeja, sometimes I also get customers from south east and other states.

No matter who you are, if I see your flashy car then I will flag you down and tell you 100 reasons, why you should change your wives or girl friends pant and bra. Lol! It worked like magic.
Men will just be buying from me anyhow and with a big smile . I always had a thank you card accompanying my market then.

From pant and bra I added babies wears; from babies wear, I started real estate business (that one was the real deal). Wendy was my partner, we did we close plenty deals.

‘Chooo no be today I begin hustle oh’.

Wendy Ifeoma Okoli, Chinwe Atuba Udemezue , Uzy Chukwu Nnanyelugo amongst my faithful customers then.

Shout out to you ladies for encouraging my hustle then. “Wendy, you remember that Senator’s wife then? ‘Chooooo that business got me contact meennn’”! #ILieNot

I also remember while schooling in Enugu, I was doing small small supply of branded shirts to NBL and supply of ushers for their events and also modeling for companies. Got modelling jobs from them. ‘Nna men companies’! #BlessThem.

I will model for their yearly calendar, 3 times I was a February calendar month face . Darlington got me those Modeling jobs. Thanks D…

Then weekends I will perform Mc in children parties Nedu Danceprince Nnajinaji my mc partner, he will book the events for me , school parties, house openings, class parties, birthdays etc.

My stage name then was Mcchiny.

I use to get like 2-3k Naira for those gigs, so every month I got like 10-12k, depending on the flow, I was only 20/22 years then.

Ejiro Thompson remember those days Na,From the MC money i come buy gold from your hand. lol

Giovanni Uboho Ikpoto sometimes will use his dad’s car to drop me off and also bring his friends to eat free party food, as the MC wei i be, i will arrange chops for the. Hunger wan kill them then. I once was the MC of Tuface and Edris abdulkareem show in enugu then, was my first big stage.

Then Chioma Dabrinze-Amos Nwankwo got me a hair extension modelling contract with a Chinese firm, for 2 years I was one of their brand face. Collected 300k yearly #HustleWasReal

From school went to serve NYSC in Katsina State, there won Miss NYSC camp Katsina, was posted to serve in government house under the late Governor/President Yaradua. (Privileges of miss NYSC state camp then, I don’t know if they still practice that now) tried to do small contract supplies then (I won’t share that one ) #NoBeToday

Moved over to UK (go and join your ****** things, I should have stayed back in Nigeria Jor,it’s well sha)

stayed few months without a job, I couldn’t handle the idleness as I wasn’t used to doing nothing.

Started my first company here , **** CLEANING COMPANY, where I supply cleaners to organizations, restaurants, etc. #StillDo

Then got a job with ***** Didn’t like it and went back to school. To study Oil,Gas and Energy Management.

Whilst studying oil and gas mgt University of Plymouth.

I started laukamz and co company, I started getting top Nigerian footballers as my clients and few private and public sector clients. (Branding and business consulting) first big deal got a client adidas endorsement.

This girl right here is not a lazy somebori.

Kai WALAHI when I hammer any mouth Wei go wan dictate how I go spend my money ehh, the kind thunder Wei go hammer the person, still dey do press up

Just looking back and I got all reason to be grateful to God.

You think you know me right ? Smiles you didn’t.

Never give up, keep going..

No food for a lazy WOMAN

Thanks to all those whom God have used in one way or the other to be a blessing these years, Jehevoh Increase your Bank Accounts balance.


Target ? Be a female young Dangote and Ibeto combined. Not there yet but by God’s grace, will keep working hard.

Stay trying don’t give up !!!!

By Chinenye Ufearoh

Chinenye is a Business Analyst (Digital Media, Corporate Branding, Business Development & Investments) at Laukamz & Co– She Studied Oil,Gas And Energy Management atPlymouth University— From Awkuzu, Anambra, Nigeria and she is Followed by over 7k people..