Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu



Dear CNN.

President Goodluck Jonathan is not, in a sweeping manner, despised by ALL Nigerians as you are trying to make the world believe. Here in Nigeria the President has overwhelming support in certain parts of the country, strong enough to launch a reelection bid. The Obama whose bidding you are under is hated by white Americans living in the South of USA. Even when he lost almost all Southern states he became President a second time. Now, I cannot say Americans Hate Obama because the South Hates him, can I?

Well, if I do, that would be a cruel generalization.

You must always remember to tell the world, as against what you are doing now, that Boko Haram is bombing and destroying ONLY the Northern part of the country. I’m sick and tired of my foreign friends telling me how ‘brave’ I am to be living in Bayelsa when Boko Haram is ‘blowing up the country’. You should know by now that the terrorists have their bounds. Many things don’t grow where they are not wanted. We in the South of Nigeria live with great peace now, and it should remain like that till further notice
But if one day you hear of an explosion in Yenagoa, Port Harcourt, Warri, Calabar, Onitsha, my little sexy Otuoke or anywhere in the east or south.

Just be prepared to report the greatest violence humanity will see in this new century. What happened in Rwanda would be nite of a thousand laffs.

Good evening Ted, and the rest of the hypocrites with you.

Julius Bokoru


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