Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

Scores Killed As Boko Haram Fighters Overwhelm Soldiers In Madagali LGA In Adamawa State


Boko Haram militants, with heavy weapons attacked Kwabula Village, in Madagali, the local government of Adamawa state today killing unspecified number of civilians and one soldier.

The militants arrived in Kwabula village, nearby an army outpost, located at the Madagali local government headquarters. After killing several civilians in Kwabula, they laid siege on the Nigerian army outpost in the area, just as the soldiers, backed by an Armored Personal Carrier moved to counter the militants in Kwabula.

Boko Haram fighters descended on the LGA headquarters where the army unit were stationed, and burnt it down.

A Roman Catholic church opposite the army outpost was also burnt to the ground.

 A soldier was reportedly killed in the firefight as he ran out of ammunition while shielding a civilian.

Three other villagers died in Madagali when a Nigerian airforce jet drop a bomb on them as they put out the fire at the church.

By Saharareporters, New York