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Senator Ahmed Zanna, Borno, Says Chibok Girls Are Being Raped And Filmed

Senator Ahmed Zanna of Borno
Senator Ahmed Zanna of Borno

It’s getting close to three months since more than 200 girls were abducted from their school in Chibok, Borno, by Boko Haram and they are yet to be found.

Senator Khalifa Ahmed Zanna of Borno Central, who spoke in a recent interview with SaharaTV about the state of the missing Chibok girls, conspiracy theories surrounding Boko Haram, the ramifications of the group’s terrorism and other issues, disclosed that the girls are being raped and the terrorists are filming it and releasing the video for the public to see.

He said though he didn’t see the video himself, but someone who did narrated to him, saying after raping the girls, they shoot them. He described a scene where a young girl after being raped was on her knees begging her attacker to be patient and not kill her yet.

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Zanna said: “Somebody told me that they were shown being raped, and in turn, it is the girl who was raped that came out kneeling down and begging the man to be patient. Do you know the reason why? They said when they rape them they shoot them. Therefore the girl after being raped, she curled down to the man, kneeling down and begging him to please be patient.”
The senator explained that the deadly sect are now out of funds and are not getting enough food, so they are going from one village to the other, to loot the little the villagers have, while adding that they do not even have any opportunity of getting food anymore as the villagers have moved into cities or neighbouring countries.

The senator, who feels the Nigerian Federal Government and military are not doing enough, urged President Jonathan to change his priorities, saying, “It is not this presidency that he should look at,” said the senator, “but let him look at the future of Nigeria, and the future of Nigerians.”

Earlier in May, the lawmaker had said he won’t tell where the abducted girls are being kept again because he had told the Federal Government where they are likely being kept before Boko Haram released a video showing the girls in an unidentified area.

Watch the full interview in the video below: