The Sins Of President Goodluck Jonathan [Against Boko Haram]

Nigeria President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan

Nigeria President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan
Nigeria President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan


Besides the death and abduction of innocent citizens, the greatest achievement of Boko Haram is that many Nigerians believe that nothing is working in the country. They believe that the President has achieved nothing even when they ply new roads and use the facilities in remodeled airports.

1. 125 Almajiri Schools in 13 Northern States
2. 27 Special girls school
3. 12 New Federal Universities
4. 34 new NCE awarding institutions
5. 101 Presidential Special Scholarship for Innovation and development
6. 10 Million increase in Basic education enrollment (UBEC)
7. 75% Increase in O’Level credit pass in Math and English
8. 100 Innovation Enterprise Institutions licensed
9. 7000 lecturers sponsored for post graduate studies home and abroad
10. 51 Polytechnic laboratories rehabilitated
11. Doubled increase on Education allocation

LIST OF GEJ Universities:
1] Federal University, Lafia, Nasarawa State. —North Central.
2] Federal University, Lokoja, Kogi State. ——-North Central.
3] Federal University, Kashere, Gombe State.– North East.
4] Federal University, Wakari, Taraba State. —-North East.
5] Federal University, Dutsin-Ma, Katsina State.-North West.
6] Federal University, Dutse, Jigawa State.——-North West.
7] Federal University, Otuoke, Bayelsa State. —South South.
8] Federal University, Ndufe-Alike, Ebonyi State.-South East.
9] Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State.——-South West.
Are these on paper or existing?
Do they have Vice Chancellors and students?


The following roads are either reconstructed of nearing completion:

The following roads are undergoing dualisation:
1. Kano – Maiduguri Road
2. Abuja-Abaji-Lokoja Road

The following is fully done:
Oweto Bridge across River Benue
The Following Roads are fully done:
1. Onitsha-Owerri Road
2. Vom-Manchok Road
3. Onitsha Head Bridge – Flyover (Ojukwu Gateway) which Gov Obi did and got federal refund

The following roads are under construction or reconstruction:
1. Onitsha – Enugu Road
2. Lokoja – Benin Road
3. Lagos-Ibadan Expressway
4. Mokwa-Bida Road
5. Akure-Ilesha Road
6. Sokoto-Tambuwal-Jega Road
7. Enugu- Abakaliki- Cross River Road
8. Ogoja – Ikom Road
9. Vandekiya-Obudu Road

The following bridge was concessioned to Juluis Berger and early works have commenced: Second Niger Bridge

1. National Aviation Master plan and Road map was developed and is being implemented
2. Air Safety – INSTALLATION of cutting age navigational aids and Instruments Landing Systems, including runway lights and Total Radar Coverage (TRACON)
3. Airport Infrastructure – For the firdt time in three decades, ALL 22 federally owned airports are being remodeled and renovated
4. Cargo Airport – 16 airports close to nation’s food baskets designed to transport perishables.
5. New Terminal for 5 International Airports at Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano and Enugu.
6. Certification – US Category 1 Certification attained.

1. Mortgage – The Nigerian Mortgage Refinancing Corporation was set up to enable 200,000 affordable mortgages within 5 years at affordable interest rate.
2. Over 61,000 housing units have been built in six geographical zones.

1. African Nations Cup (last won in 1994)
2. Fifa U-17 (Last won in 2007)
3. Word Athletic Championship 4 medals (No medal since 2000)

While they accuse the president’s supporters of sentimentalism, they will not challenge them on facts. Boko Haram and the opposition local and international propaganda machinery have succeded in making the president look like a failure. Senator MCain, we have a government.

Fellow citizens of Nigeria, you have seen the facts above. I dare the opposition to contradict them! No name calling or dismissive opinions please. Let us stick to facts of the post. Challenge them.


– Courtesy of Oderaigbo (ODOGWUEMEKAODOGWU.COM)