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Top 4 Brands of Good Quality Nigerian Rice You Won’t Regret To Try


Latest www.faceofagulu.com Food Price Survey reveals more brands of local rice have now flooded Nigeria markets helping to drive down prices of local rice.  

The local price of rice recorded a significant drop after weeks of price hikes following the closure of Nigerian land borders. Latest www.faceofagulu.com Food Price Survey reveals more brands of local rice have now flooded major markets in the country and that are a good testimony.  

The latest household survey conducted by www.faceofagulu.com Research Team showed that some new brands of local rice such as ADC Imoka Local Rice now sell for as low as N24, 000. Also, the prices of other items like round shaped tomatoes, bags of onions dropped from what was reported two weeks earlier.  

www.faceofagulu.com Research Team discovered that there are local rice brands which are clean, stone-free and can compete with the foreign ones.

Here is the list of 4 good brands of Nigerian rice which we discovered:

  1. ADC Imoka Local Rice is a hygienically fertilized and cultured rice grains processed by ADC Imoka Local rice processing and packaging factory into 100% Sortexed long grain parboiled rice for mass-market supply and consumption. ADC Imoka Local Rice is a type of rice that gives an average Nigerian the opportunity to eat rice anytime any day. It is sold as an exotic meal in many restaurants and fast-food joints; even the Lawmakers cannot resist it.

The farm which is located in Inoma, Nzam, Umuenwelum Anam, and Otuocha Aguleri in Anambra East and West local government areas of Anambra state is currently expanding to produce massively to be able to meet up with the increased demand in response to the rice importation restrictions by the Federal Government. The processing mill is located at; Km 5 Ifiteani/Mbaukwu road Nkwo Agulu in Anaocha local government areas of Anambra state, Nigeria.


2. Anambra Rice

The Anambra Rice brand has been certified safe and of good quality by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). Anambra Rice is a new brand of rice that is being produced and packaged in Anambra state. It is a brand that has sprung up in the state because of the government intervention and provision of loans to individuals willing to go into rice production. Adequate support is also given to entrepreneurs aiming to invest in rice production.


3. Abakaliki Rice

Abakaliki rice is blessed with so many nutritional values, from the salinity in the land of Abakaliki in Ebonyi state. Apart from its nutritional value, Abakaliki rice is naturally salted for good taste.

  • 4. Ofada Rice

Ofada rice which is named after Ofada town in Ogun state. Although Ofada rice comes with a characteristic smell, it is highly nutritious and has its unique taste. Many people find pleasure in consuming this rice, particularly when served with its signature stew, spiced with locust beans,

Our locally grown rice tastes good and is highly nutritious. There is room for improvement though, but it will depend on our continuous patronage and promotion of the Nigerian brands.

So, the next time you go shopping, demand for any of these local Nigerian rice brands.