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Video: John Dumelo caught in bed with actress Christabel Ekeh

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Ghallywood actor John Dumelo is caught bonking a Ghanaian actress, Christabel Ekeh.

The video tape leaked on social media, has drawn several controversies into the situation as the two were seen naked in bed.


Christabel was heard shouting in the video, “give it to me baby, give it to me, give it to me, harder, harder.”

However, the video which saw the two celebrities kissing, hanging and lying on each other in a sexual mood turned out to be a prank on fans.

It is not confirmed as to whether, the two were actually in a serious bonking or just a normal prank on fans.

The two burst into laughter, saying in the local language as “wop3 s3 wohw3” you want to watch, we have tricked you.

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