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Sir Shina Peters -to perform at AFRICAN MUSIC FESTIVAL 2016 (MALAYSIA)

Sir Shina Peters: Afro Juju legend
Sir Shina Peters: Afro Juju legend


The most popular and house hold fun club name in KL, Ofuobi Progressive International Club, is ready to set a new record in the African/Asia music industry as the CLUB  presents AFRICAN MUSIC FESTIVAL on the  22nd July 2016…

Slated to hold at the Club Ballroom – Bukit Utama, Damansara., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the AFRICAN MUSIC FESTIVAL 2016 event, will see notable Juju artistes like Sir Shina Peters, the indigenous singer, Ruffcoin Nwa Aba and Digidi Dunhill, among others to perform at the event.