We are suffocating, Lawan cries out over inefficient air conditioning at the senate chamber

The Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, on Tuesday in the middle of the plenary, cried out that the “excessive heat at the hallowed Chamber” was suffocating them as Senators.

Meanwhile, the Senate Centre where Journalists stay to cover proceedings is even worse hit because the long room has no single window, it has an entrance and accommodates well over 150 people against the backdrop that non Journalists come in there.

There is no single ventilation there and the only  standing Air conditioner does not even function properly because of the large population, just as individuals sneeze and cough, yet no place for air to vanish. Journalists watch and report with the only Television set that is connected to the Chamber.

President of the Senate who lamented that there was excessive heat at the hallowed Chamber, later directed the Clerk to the Senate, Nelson Ayewor  to immediately ensure that the cooling system of the chambers was put in order.

The instruction was for the Chamber and not the Senate Press Centre. It was gathered that the heat was caused by malfunctioning of the cooling system in the chambers.

Lawan said, “This chamber appears unduly warm this morning. We can’t be battling with debate and fanning ourselves. I want to appeal to our colleagues to be patient as the fault would be fixed soonest.