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What Is The Sound Of The Universe?

Music: SAGA (@saga101)-FBI(FULL BLOODED IGBO)ft Mr Raw (@rawnwanne) prod. @iamnkwasmith
Music: SAGA (@saga101)-FBI(FULL BLOODED IGBO)ft Mr Raw (@rawnwanne) prod. @iamnkwasmith

So whether you want to look outward or inward for answers about our place in the universe and about how everything is interrelated, let music be your guide. Get F.B.I(Full Blooded Igbo) by SAGA ft. Mr. Raw, expand your thoughts and let these artists take you on a journey.  

Amazing underground music 2014 is an amazing year of music for the Ultimate Ears Artists to Watch program. We are honored to showcase music from the East new fast rising/trending singer SAGAthe Igbo R’n’B legend with his rich vocals/metaphor as he sets to drop yet another thrill on a Song titled F.B.I(Full Blooded Igbo) produced by Legendary Nkwa$mith. On this one he killed it with the pioneer of Igbo rap music Mr Raw.