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Why we Cherish Peter Obi – Most Rev. Dr. Anthony Obinna

Most Rev. Dr. Anthony Obinna
Most Rev. Dr. Anthony Obinna

The Catholic Archbishop of Owerri, Most Rev. Dr. Anthony Obinna said that the former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi’s massive development of Anambra State through Anambra State Integrated Development Strategy( ANIDS), will continue to endear him not just to Anambra State, but Nigerians at large. He said this on Sunday during the thanksgiving mass organized by the Archdiocese for Mr. Peter Obi to thank God for the successfully completion of his eight years in office at Assumpta Cathedral, Owerri.

The Cleric said that Obi left many examples for those in public service to learn from. He singled out the money Obi left for the State for commendation, when, according to him, other Governors left liabilities and debts. Besides financial prudence and management of men and resources, the Cleric also noted what he called Obi’s exemplary virtues and uncommon humility.

Speaking on the collaboration between the Church and the State under Obi, the Cleric said that such collaboration should be emulated by other States for the overall good of the citizens of the country. “Beyond collaboration with relevant institutions, Peter Obi was a grassroots man. In Anambra he built roads everywhere, both in the villages. I have been there and witnessed that personally. This is in contrast to some other States where only major roads are constructed that once one goes deeper into the villages, it is bad roads everywhere”, the Cleric submitted, while praying for Obi’s future endeavour and for his successor to follow his footsteps.

Replying, Mr. Peter Obi, who was accompanied by Chief Okey Ezibe, some of his past Commissioners and party faithfuls, said it was prayers of Nigerians that sustained him in whatever he might have done. While thanking the congregation for the prayers for Nigeria, he solicited more prayers for the country and for those in positions of authority to always have in mind that leadership is about service to the people.

Expressing happiness that his successor in Anambra State started well, he expressed optimism that he will sustain it.