Selecting nwa Ada Agulu. Face of Agulu is the State first and only internet based pageant in which the ultimate winner is chosen by public. The competition, which is the first Season runs for the whole year and selects a winning monthly contestant from January to December each year.
At the end of the year, an ultimate winner will be selected from the 12 monthly winners to become the Face of Agulu 2013; The competition is open for every nwa Ada Agulu and Anambra State all over the World from age: 18 yrs to 33yrs old.

I’ve just officially been brought on the Miss face of Agulu Pageant.  This is a beauty pageant that seeks the most beautiful women of direct Agulu descent that are living all over the World.  I am the founder of the pageant, so I’ll be capturing the event on film for the world to see.
-Justin Kingland ‘Founder’

4real Records Talent Hunt

A Division of 4real Records Talent Hunt, which was founded in March 2010, This organization will help prepare young African Agulu women for a better future. The pageant’s primary focus is to expose young women to education of the world, and how to positively manage certain issues by representing the women of the new millennium who will be confident,

FOA Pageant

There are some misconceptions of the FOA Pageant-some think its a popularity contest, a modeling contest or just for girls who want the limelight. However, Face of Agulu World wide is looking for leaders among our Agulu community all over the World. We’re looking for young women who want to use this opportunity to shed light on issues that can bring about change. This is a serious competition and will entail some serious commitment. So if you are passionate about your African Agulu culture and motivated to cause positive change in our community, then please come out.


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