Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu

Emir of Gwoza great escape from Boko Haram


Thank heavens for the heavy downpour on Monday night, if not, the Emir of Gwoza would have been captured by the same Boko Haram sects who killed his father in May, 2014. Mother nature played a major part in his escape with hundreds of people who took refuge on top of the mountain for days to escape being killed by the fire spitting Boko Haram sects .

The Emir and the district head, NGRi was told, all took refuge on the mountain top as Boko Haram sects sacked the entire town, burning buildings, Police Stations, the local Government Secretariat and the Emirs palace.

Many of the escapees, narrated how Boko Haram insurgents killed dozens of people who could not climb the mountain.

The rampaging Boko Haram sects had sacked the entire town twice and have thwarted every attempt by the Nigerian soldiers to take back the town.
Speaking with our Correspondent, Hajia Amina, said the escapees are being moved to a refugee camp in Uba, a border community between Adamawa and Borno.