A vociferous Northern interest media vigorously fought the Nigerian Communications Commission’s Vice Chairman Mr Eugene Juwah to a standstill for his position since the last Month of the last administration with a fanciful claim that then President Goodluck Jonathan extended his term of office even before his tenure expires but cited no single provision of the NCC Act that invalidates such an appointment if any exists.

Today President Muhammadu Buhari has let the Newspaper have their say by appointing a Northerner to that position. While some persons gloat over the appointment of just one Igbo speaking Technocrat from Delta State South South of Nigeria Mr Kachikwu to head the NNPC which the President’s right hand man Nassir ElRuffai has started campaigning for its break up into insignificant pieces I’m wondering why anyone rational enough to understand the intricacies of Federal appointments can equate the NNPC’S appointment with or as a substitution for the LOUD MARGINALISATION OF SOUTH EAST IGBO SPEAKING PEOPLE from the highest NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL – the National Defence Council by virtue of non inclusion of any Igbo Speaking Army or indeed Military General to head any of the branches of the Armed Forces.

President Buhari can not use the appointment of an Igbo speaking South South Nigerian to justify for the exclusion of the SOUTH EAST ZONE FROM THE COMMAND STRUCTURE OF THE NIGERIA ARMED FORCES and expect me or indeed any WELL BREASTFED IGBO SPEAKING NIGERIAN to clap for him. Besides the NCC slot has now been taken away and given to the North making it the 18th top positions going to just a part of Nigeria. This is patently unfair and unjust.

– Emmanuel Nnadozie Onwubiko.