Face of Agulu

Face of Agulu


This is very disheartening that a mother will take her own daughter that she carried inside her womb for 9 months to a shrine to swear so one wicked being can sponsor her abroad to go and do prostitution.

What a wicked mother. This video is for those of you mother’s and girls out there so you can learn, can you imagine the humiliation this beautiful young girl had to go through just because she refused to continue selling herself to pay up money used to take her to Dubai.

The painful thing is that this criminals will spend 200 thousand naira on this girl and ask them to pay up to US $30,000.00, the Sum #5, 976, 000.00 Naira, in equivalent before they can start earning for themselves. Wickedness of the highest order.

Girls stop allowing your Parents, Guardian or Sponsors use you as slaves. Please speak out or send a message to this blog and we would channel it to the appropriate authority and help will get to you sooner than you can imagine.

This may be offensive to some and therefore viewer’s discretion is strongly advised.

The video in this post has been deleted due to  content violation.