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4Real All Statr
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Music is a powerful weapon in combating negative emotions. It’s an outlet for release. They said that one positive thought in the morning could change your mood for the entire day-so why not apply thus old saying to music?
Straight from 4real Records, we’ve compiled a list of uplifting songs about staying strong and being confident, that are uplifting and empowering.
Whether the hardship you’re overcoming is physical or emotional, these songs should lift your spirits higher..
Anticipate “You Can Do It” By 4real all stars ft. JKL4real, Nafa DaCity, Darlington Vast Chinedu and Saga Bonaventure, to drop on the 10th of NOV 017..
Also a solo Single”Egwu Ogalanya” by Dibiaego himself will be dropping on the 10th of NOV 017….
Music composed by Dr.Money, produced by Vast onye Igba, Recorded and mix @4Real Records Gh